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The Gift of Dream hair care Story

"I know God answers prayers! I've seen many types of hair and scalp problems. Over 40 years ago, I prayed and asked God to show me what I could do. I knew he had the answer. After much prayer and fasting, God showed me in a dream the exact ingredients for a hair and scalp treatment. For over 40 years in my own community I've made and distributed the products God showed me in a dream, and now this God-given product is available to you. " The testimonies from satisfied users have just been amazing. Dandruff and split ends have been eliminated, breakage halted, damaged hair restored and the promotion of healthy hair growth has been witnessed by users of "Gift of Dream"Hair care Praise the Lord for His "Gift of Dream hair care"

Mrs. Belzora Boykin, is a nationally known leader in the production of Clinically Tested, certified hair and scalp products specializing in scalp hygiene. Her contributions are invaluable assets most creditable to the industry of Cosmetology. Gift of Dream products are supported by clinical data and approved by the Detroit Clinical Laboratory State Registry No. 286.

(Executive Distributor)

My testimony concerning “Gift Of Dream”Hair care (G.O.D) Products is very interesting and I am delighted to share my experience with the world. G.O.D was introduced to me several years ago when I received a phone call from my Great Aunt and founder of G.O.D. Products, Mrs. Belzora Boykins. The purpose of my Great Aunt’s call was to inform me that she had received a message from GOD that I was the chosen vessel to promote her product.

After listening very closely, I replied “I wouldn’t even know what to say to the people about the product”. I knew that my Great Aunt had been in the business of producing hair products since 1961 but that’s all I knew. I had no knowledge concerning the product ingredients, hair conditioning, loss or growth. How could I possibly promote something that I know nothing about? My Great Aunt simply said to me that she would put the product together and send it to me right away. Then she told me to begin by just giving the product away as samples.

Once I received the product I decided to use it on myself first, because my hair had began to thin and recede. Afterall, this was my opportunity to see how well the product really worked. Honestly, within one month I began to see significant changes in my hair. My hair grew in the areas that were once thinning and my hairline was restored. That’s when I knew that I was truly the man for the job. Immediately I began to give out the samples that she sent to me. The supply of samples could not meet customer demand. As the demand for the product grew my Aunt Belzora decided that she would test my salesmanship skills and commitment to the product. The next product shipment that I received was packaged in baby food jars. This is how the product was originally sold in 1961.


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I was tested indeed. At times it was difficult for me to endure because many people laughed at the baby food jar concept. Their laughter did not discourage me from selling the product because I knew what was inside of those baby food jars. Finally I had to figure out a way to promote the product. I decided to tell customers and potential clients that the baby food jars was a special promotion, the “1961” replication.

As time would have it, one day while soliciting a barbershop for sale of the product a gentleman asked me to let him see one of the jars. He opened the lid and smelled the product while everyone else was laughing and making fun of me. The gentleman went on to say that the product smelled familiar, similar to something used on hair when he was a young boy. As I briefed him on the history of the product, I noticed that his hair thinning was extreme. He decided to purchase the product. Two weeks later I returned to that same shop and when I entered there was lots of talking. The same gentleman asked me if I had another jar of the product. He also told the other barbers about the hair growth he gained over a period of two weeks while using G.O.D. Double Strength formula.

Amazingly enough, all the barbers that once laughed at me was now purchasing my product. This barber shop experience was the beginning of the rebirth of “Gift Of Dream Hair Care" The product began to grow in market sales from customer testimonies. By the way “Gift Of dream Hair Care" is now produced by a certified laboratory and packaged in beautiful 6oz. containers. “Gift Of Dream Hair Care" has been clinically tested and proven to aid in the growth of hair.

Believe me when I say to you that “Gift Of Dream” by far is the best and safest hair care products in the world.

“Works On Hair Like Rain On Grass!!!!”