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Testimony of Anthony Tony "Baby" Jones

"My hair began to thin in the very front of my scalp. I thought it came from constantly wearing my famous bebop cap that I had become custom to. As the lightweight, Jr. Welterweight and Welterweight champion of the world.  I was introduced to Gift of Dream Double strength hair oil from one of my golden gloves partners that I grew up with. I started using the product, I was told it would work, but I had no clue it would work as fast as thirty days. My thinning areas were being replaced with new growth, now I am a believer of Gift of Dream Products. The products that works on hair like rain on grass, and that’s my word."

Gift of Dream Reliever Lotion Testimony

"The constant pounding moving around in the ring for all the years that I devoted my life as a professional fighter I never would have thought I would ache as bad as I do. But those old sayings “just keep on living”. The aches in my hands and knees had got so bad I thought I would have to live with it, I’ve tried everything all kinds of pain reliever products, I am not going to say any names but there are a lot of products that claim to work and they don’t. I tried Gift of Dream instant relief lotion, the very first time I used it I got just what it said instant relief. Within ten minutes my hands and knees felt terrific. The slogan “Rub it on and it’s gone” is true, I like the product so well my first bottle was a 4oz container, my second purchase was a whole gallon. I use the product in the morning before work and I can go all day ache free. I can also use the product before bed and can count on relief ten minutes after applying the product. As a professional boxer I would recommend Gift of Dream Instant Relief Lotion to any pro boxer, pro basketball player, pro track star, pro tennis player, pro bowler or any professional athlete because Gift of Dream Instant Relief Lotion is all natural and not a drug. Awesome product and you have my word on it."

~Anthony Tony Baby Jones
Detroit, MI

Raham Mohammed

I am a Arab American, a few months ago a “Gift of Dream” promoter happen to come into my store and he began to tell me about this hair oil that would aid in the growth of my hair. By him being African American I didn’t think his product would work for me. He began to show me before and after pictures of other nationalities, so I said “what the heck” I gave it a try and within seven days my hair began to grow. These are honest and true results within thirty days of using “Gift of Dream” hair products. I wouldn’t have ever believed it until I tried it.

Thanks “Gift of Dream” I’m glad I met your promoter.

"I started using “Gift Of Dream” hair oil on my grandson at the age of one month. Instead of using baby oil, I used Gift of Dream because it kept his scalp well conditioned. My grandson never had a hair loss ring around his scalp from “cradle cap” or any other child hair loss symptom. Jaron is now 4years old. Take a look at his results…now do you understand why he is now a promoter for “Gift Of Dream” for kids. There is no doubt about it. The product truly 'Works On Hair Like Rain On Grass'. "

Willie Thomas
“Gift of Dream Quality Hair Products”

"Before you start, carefully observe your hair, hairline, bald spots in front, back, and top. In just days you’ll notice a difference and than it will be obvious hair is growing faster, much more hair, less receding hairline, hair returning in front, and bald spots on top and back are getting smaller. It just gets better and better as you use the shampoo elite and revitalizing conditioner offered by “Gift of Dream”. More hair keeps growing all over by addressing cause, not symptoms; you can always experience wondrous results! Watch in amazement as you eliminate another major cause of hair loss that inhabits hair growth!

“Gift of Dream” objective is always to restore hair to its natural working order. I am a senior citizen who not only uses the products, I also became an investor and distributor after using “Gift of Dream” products I was amazed at the results! My appearance made me feel better about myself. You, tired the rest, now try what really works."

Willie Thomas
Southfield, MI



Milton Kennedy

The “Gift of Dream Instant Relieve Lotion” product is something of a big surprise. I received a sample in the mail and after a few days I looked at it, and I read the directions. I was experiencing gout. So, I decided to try it, much to my surprise it relieved my pain substantially. As I meditated on the relief, I recalled all that it could do so; I tried some on my face where I have been fighting a rash. It tingled and after a while subsided and felt good. I noticed that evening that the rash was not so red, I continued to use it daily and am thoroughly satisfied with this product!

Milton Kennedy
2644 Chicago Ave. So,
Mpls, Mn 55407

Seneca Pollard

I had a spot in the center of my head and I also had spots in the back of my head, ever since I was six years old. I was diagnosed with alopecia. The doctor was using injections and he would also give me a shampoo to shampoo my hair with I didn’t realize the shampoo that the doctor was using contained detergent, until I met “gift of dream,” I met a “gift of dream” distributor by the name of Avake Bell who took me step by step through the gift of dream’s system. I followed the instructions because he showed me amazing before and after pictures. I didn’t have any choice anyway, because the spots would keep coming and going until it had got to the point that no hair would grow in the center of my head. After following the step by step instructions, my hair began to grow in those areas where I had no hair within 90 days after using this product for 2 yrs. Now I have French braids and I’ll never stop using “gift of dream” products.

P.S. That slogan “works on hair like rain on grass,” it is so very true.
Thank you “gift of dream” and thank you Mr. Avake Bell for your wonderful introduction.

Ms. Black

Hi my name is Ms. Black, not only am I a representative of Gift of Dream products, I am a licensed barber/stylist specializing in hair care. I was introduced to the products a little over 3 years ago. I highly recommend the products for all hair types and conditions. I began by using the PH Balance shampoo containing no Sodium Laurel Sulfate (harsh detergent) immediately following with the PH Balance moisturizing conditioner on my 10 year old daughter’s hair, immediately liking the results, I took it one step further and started using the products on my clients that were experiencing hair loss, chemical damage, hard to grow hair, thinning, or just dry scalp. I first treated the hair with our “Special Double Strength” hair oil which conditions the scalp so that the hair will grow naturally and normally. Once that was achieved, I would use the “All Purpose” hair oil to press and style the hair which gives the hair body and texture as well as promotes growth. Finally, the “Blessed Extra Light” is used for my clients that have fine, thin hair with split ends and breakage. This hair oil prevents falling and breakage as well as promotes healthy hair and scalp. In my experiences as a hair care specialist, I have been very successful in getting chemically treated hair back to its natural state with little or no breakage by solely using the Gift of Dream line of products. Again I say,” this product is highly recommended for all hair types and conditions,” so if your hair isn’t becoming to you, you should be coming to me.

Detroit, MI
(313) 282-9003


Suzie Dillard

I had problems with growing the temple and edges of my hair. I met a Gift of Dream promoter in my neighborhood, and at this particular time he had no samples, so he opened up the jar of hair oil and placed a finger full into a plastic bag and told me to massage the oil into my scalp every day until it was gone. Within a one month period my hair had grown back. I never saw anything work like “Gift of Dream”, thank god for his blessings.